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Why are you still sitting at home?
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Welcome to our web site!

We are hoping to create a vacation property rental site for one or two people who require value for their hard earned money. Have you ever noticed that when you find something in your target location it invariably sleeps four, or six, or more with day beds, sleeper couches and extra rooms and extra area you do not need and do not want to pay for?
Well, we're here to fill that niche, the one where the property supports one or two people, comfortably and economically.

What we propose is a web site that caters to single vacationers or couples who are comfortable in smaller accommodations and do not require the multiple amenities that drive up prices.
This web site will feature beach front properties, on the water, not across the street from, not in sight of, but, actually ON the water's edge. They will be comfortable, clean, well managed and most of all, high in value to cost ratio.

This is it.  This is where you are going to find that perfect place.


Please email us with your thoughts.

Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

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